Your Singapore Guide To Supermarkets, Wet Markets And Online Groceries – Singapore Food Shopping Guide

Whether you’re a new expat in Singapore or looking to move to Singapore in the near future, you must be wondering what are the best supermarkets in Singapore to stock up your refrigerator at the best price possible. You might be missing your Woolworths, Waitrose or Walmart, but you will also quickly get used to the Singaporian markets to go do your groceries. Singapore does have affordable and quality products and the bill will just depend on what you’re after. To save up some money, you will have to not only shop at the supermarkets but also at the wet markets and also consider online shopping options for your convenience at times. 카지노사이트

Some places focus on a cheaper price and others specialize in the premium meat, international produces or organic choices. Some others prefer to boast of its cashless shopping. Keep reading to know everything you need to know about groceries shopping in Singapore!

Supermarkets in Singapore
Habitat by honestbee: For a different grocery shopping experience
Probably our favourite supermarket in Singapore but more for its concept, cashless payment and all of its F&B outlets. Habitat by honestbee is available across eight countries in Asia and the leading online marketplaces. Habitat by honestbee is a trendy multi-sensory dining and grocery concept and is the world’s first tech-enabled supermarket. The place has a wide selection with over 20,000 products. Find seasonal produce, meats, cheeses and daily essentials which are from Asia and also imported from all around the globe. It can get pricy but some things can also be bargains when bought here. It is sure a nice hangout place with its over 15 food and beverage concepts from grain bowls, BBT, to homemade kombucha.

Giant: For buying pretty much anything you need except international stuff!
Giant has large hypermarts to small convenience stores all over Singapore. Giant is the go-to for big savings on bulk buying, is generally competitively-priced and offers all the fresh food and groceries you need. Some outlets sell general merchandise, including clothing, furniture, toys, stationery and much more. While it is cheap to shop at Giant, it is very limited in offering the range of international products.

FairPrice: For great deals on quality organic produce
FairPrice is Singapore’s largest retailer and regroups FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Finest, and FairPrice Xtra, providing quality products at a lower price. FairPrice stores are all over the island. Smaller than their ‘Finest’ counterpart, they stock fewer Western brands and are therefore cheaper. Larger stores will stock western items depending on their location. If you are a fan of wine, you can join the wine club where you can save an extra 8% off your wine purchases. If you don’t feel like going to the shops, they deliver too, an essential nowadays isn’t it FairPrice Finest is definitely you go-to for a wide selection of Western, Asian and local brands. There are over 15 of them around Singapore’s major shopping centres. Get your fruit and vegetables, organic produce, meat, poultry, fresh seafood, alcohol and much more. 안전한카지노사이트

Cold Storage: For international produce
Cold Storage is the second-largest supermarket chain in Singapore 50+ stores and many are located in areas with large expat communities. It is known to stock everything expats need, which is a lot of international brands. You can also find the regular things which are the fresh organic produce, seafood, meat, alcohol, fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and much more. Cold Storage is definitely not for those on a budget and your bill will stack up a big number quite easily, although you will get your quality air-flown vegetable and almost anything you need from your home country.

MarketPlace: For a more lifestyle shopping experience
The MarketPlace is a subsidiary of Cold Storage and there are only five stores in Singapore. They offer top-notch fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood. Same as Cold Storage, it offers a good selection of international products. Find everything organic, gluten-free and speciality products from around the world. See it as a more lifestyle and upmarket version of Cold Storage, a synonym of a higher mark up on prices!

Warehouse Club: For all bulk-buying deals
If Costco is something you need in your life, The Warehouse Club is the replacement you need! It is the largest retail format of NTUC and is excellent for bulk-buying. Love super-saver discounts? Find them at the Warehouse Club. It is located in the FairPrice Hub in Joo Koon, stocking all you’ll ever need for the home. It obviously includes a huge range of Kirkland products. If you have a big family – might be good to have literally the monthly groceries there. Even more convenient as if you order more than S$500 you can get free delivery, which is a must if you don’t have a car in Singapore. The only venue is at Warehouse Club, FairPrice Hub, Level 3, 1 Joo Koon Circle, Singapore 629117.

Sheng Siong: For local prices
Sheng Siong is located in more remote places, or ‘heartland’ areas like some call it. Pricing of their stock is very competitive but the main added value to shopping here is for the huge selection of quality fresh seafood and even including frogs and lobsters. You do find few international brands for dairy, alcohol, packaged food, toiletries and essential household products. Fruit and vegetables are also of high quality.

Speciality shopping in Singapore
Koryo Mart: For buying all of your favourite Korean snacks
Craving your own homemade bibimbap? If you are into Korean produce, Koryo Mart stocks an impressive range of food from Korea including kimchi, rice cakes, instant rice, and all the snacks or drinks from there. If you are into their metal spoons and chopsticks, they have that too! 카지노사이트 추천

Shine Korea: For your Korean food fix
For more Korean groceries, Shine Korea has around 10 outlets around town. All products are imported from Korea, from snacks to seaweed, instant rice, noodle dishes, condiments, beverages and more. Here you can shop online with free delivery when you spend over $$80.

Don Don Donki: For everything Japanese
Looking for a Japanese Supermarket in Singapore? Find everything Japanese at Don Don Donki from candy, chips, beverages to local stationery and home appliances. With seven locations in Singapore, the Centrepoint and Clarke Quay stores are actually open for 24 hours.

Sri Murugan: For you go-to Indian groceries shopping
Missing some spices straight from India? Sri Murugan is your go-to Indian supermarket that stocks a huge range of fresh veggies, spices and Indian groceries you might need at reasonable prices. It also carries many international brands as well. There are many stores around Singapore and you can also download their Sri Murugan’s shopping app to get your groceries delivered to your home. Find their locations here.

Mustafa Centre: For your Indian shopping needs
The Mustafa Centre is very good for Indian groceries, household, kitchen items, silks, saris, and Indian beauty products. Find rareties like Pillsbury Atta Flour to make the best homemade chapatis, Alphonso Mangoes and all the Indian spices you can think of. It’s not all Indian, as you can also find Bob’s Red Mill products for less than Cold Storage prices. Electronics can be found at a great price as well. The Mustafa Centre is located at145 Syed Alwi Road, 207704.

Sasha’s Fine Foods: For quality sourced produce
Sasha’s Fine Foods is an online grocer launched in 2011 and is popular for its extensive range of carefully sourced top quality meat, seafood and other grocery items. The founder Sasha Conlan makes trips around the world to visit her suppliers, walking farms and fisheries to source quality produce. You can be sure to find fresh, premium ingredients without any added hormones or antibiotics. If you are the type that wants to make sure to know what is exactly in your plate and like to consume food from reliable sources, this is for you. Delivery is seven days a week, free for orders above S$100, free same-day delivery for orders above S$150 and is S$10 otherwise.

Huber’s Butchery: For meat lovers
If you are a meat lover, you will want the variety of meats from Huber’s Butchery. Get your prime cuts, sausages, cold cuts, salamis, etc sent to your doorstep. The meat is imported directly from farms, with all the hams and sausages produced in-house to ensure good quality control. Get veal, beef, lamb, chicken and pork, marinated or not. It is considered like a European-styled premium speciality store that also sells seafood and gourmet grocery items like bread, vegetables, cheese and fresh herbs. You can shop on their online site. Get free delivery for orders of over S$75 and receive your items by the next working day if you place your order before 12 PM.

The Fishwives: For everything fishy
Find fresh, sustainable seafood and meat with The Fishwives. They source and import directly from farmers in Australia and New Zealand. Find also a wide range of gourmet products like fresh cheeses, artisanal snacks like The Whole Kitchen’s nut mixes and gluten-free loaves. Free delivery is for all orders of over S$180, definitely not a bargain haha. Their only store is located at #01-05B Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road.

Little Farms: For fresh flown products
Little Farms is known for its fresh, organic and ethical options. From fresh seafood to avos and acai tubs, Little Farms sources most of its goods from Australia and then air-freighted into Singapore multiple times a week for the most freshness. You can get free delivery for orders above S$85.

Wet markets
Wet what? Yes, wet market. The name comes from the wet floor at these markets due to vegetable-washing, fish-cleaning and all of that kind of source of water. At wet markets, you will find everything you need and you’ll be able to get your hands on anything from vegetables and preserved goods to live crabs and frogs.

Online Grocery Shopping in Singapore
OpenTaste: For the best deals on fresh produce on your doorstep
OpenTaste is an online platform offering a wholesale rate on farm-fresh produce. You can order everything from meat and dairy products to fruits and vegetables. You can expect prices to be 30% to 50% cheaper than some supermarkets and speciality online grocers. The best perk of shopping OpenTaste is the sizeable selection of organic products to choose from for fresh fruits, veggies, and meats.

Redmart by Lazada: For online shopping convenience
Redmart is quite convenient, you can go online or simply order on the mobile app and it offers island-wide delivery. Find groceries and home essential products that can be delivered to your door 7 days a week within your chosen 2-hour time slot. Ideally order a day in advance of when you need your groceries. They usually send you a message 15 minutes before they’re due to arrive, but best to choose a time slot you are sure you will be home to receive your order.

The Meat Club: For the meat fans that want to shop online
The Meat Club is an online butcher and specialises in premium Australian produce sourced directly from its suppliers. You can join their Auto-pilot program which delivers fresh produce to your doorstep every four weeks and there is no need to re-order and no lock-in contract. You can defer your order or modify your order at any time. Get a wide range of products that are grass-fed, hormone-free, cage-free, free-range, gluten-free and halal. They also have a range of kid-approved vegetable patties that are ready in under 10 minutes. Get free delivery for orders above S$60.

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